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A visit to The Bahamas makes for a fantastic vacation, but a visit to The Exumas is a bucket list experience you won't soon forget.  Pristine beaches, crystal clear water, marine life abound, and incredible locals; these islands are as good as they get.  

Located just one hour from the coast of Florida by plane, The Exumas consist of over 300 unique islands and cays (pronounced “keys”).  The island chain is considered one of the many “Out Islands” of The Bahamas and runs at a much slower pace than it’s busier and more populated capital of Nassau, on the island of New Providence.  The Exumas, often referred to as simply Exuma, encompasses Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and the Exuma Cays.  Great Exuma and Little Exuma are connected by a small bridge called “The Ferry”, but the Exuma Cays are scattered to the northwest of Great Exuma for approximately 80+ miles with Staniel Cay at its epicenter.

Exuma is lauded for its crowd-free beaches, tucked away points of interest, and laid-back style (a.k.a. island time), but for these same reasons, navigating the island can also be challenging.  It took us years to discover and experience all its nooks and crannies, so our goal in creating these digital info maps is to save you valuable time during your stay so you can spend every last minute soaking up the sun, sand, and sea.

These are more than just info maps. Sure, Google Maps can help you pinpoint locations while driving, however, these guides also provide some nuggets of information about each location, travel tips, charter company contacts, the Top 10 Things To Do in Exuma (swimming pigs included), lodging, restaurants, snorkeling spots, and much more. These guides are only offered in a downloadable pdf format that can be stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile device so you can have it at your fingertips before and during your exploration.

We hope your trip to the Exumas is everything you wish for and we're confident this won't be your last.

For all of your burning questions, check out our FAQ on the Exumas here or drop us a line on the contact us page.


Stocking Island Exuma

The Exumas Guide Bundle

Includes guides for Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and Stocking Island so you can easily navigate the islands from top to bottom. All of these islands are accessible if you are flying into Georgetown.

Staniel Cay Guide

Staniel Cay Guide

The epicenter of the Exuma Cays, Staniel Cay is home to Staniel Cay Yacht Club and within boating distance of the must-see Exuma Land and Sea Park.


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