Know Before You Go - Driving in Exuma

Driving in Exuma is simple! For some, however, not easy.  Although it seems silly to dedicate an entire blog post about driving, many visitors may have anxieties about navigating a new country. We offer these five info nuggets that should make driving in Exuma a breeze:

  1. In the Bahamas, we drive on the LEFT side of the road. However, the steering wheel could be on either side of the car depending on the model of car you rent. Most rental cars have a "Keep Left" sticker on the windshield to remind you to do just that.
  2. There is one main road in Exuma, Queens Highway, so you can’t really get lost. But, the potholes throughout the island are no joke. Keep a close eye and take extreme caution if you need to swerve around them. Your rental car should have a spare tire but keep the rental car company’s phone number in your car at all times as a precaution.
  3. When you approach the roundabout just outside of the airport, don’t forget to stay to the LEFT. This may catch you off guard particularly if you aren’t used to roundabouts. 
  4. The flow of traffic around Georgetown is primarily one way going counter-clockwise. When driving towards Georgetown from the airport, you’ll approach a split in the road.  Turn RIGHT!  The road to the left is for oncoming one-way traffic only.
  5. When you drive down to Little Exuma (which is a MUST do), you’ll have to cross a bridge called The Ferry. It is a ONE lane bridge, so approach slowly and wait for any oncoming traffic to clear.

Easy breezy. Cheers.


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