Know Before You Go - Don't Let The Bugs Bite!

An amazing vacation can quickly turn into a painful one if you aren’t prepared for bugs in a tropical destination like The Exumas.  Sometimes, you won’t see a single mosquito on the island and other times, they seem to be swarming.  The presence of bugs really depends on the time of year, the time of day, and the weather. 

During warmer months, April through November, both mosquitoes and sand flies (also called no-see-ums because they are so small) tend to swarm, particularly at dusk and dawn.  Rain will also bring them out in droves. Mosquitoes in The Exumas are just like mosquitoes anywhere else…they bite, it hurts, it leaves a welt, and itches for a couple of days.  Sand flies, however, are a bit different.  They are microscopic black bugs that you often won’t see, won’t feel bite, leaves a welt like a mosquito, and they itch much worse and makes for a miserable night sleep.  Without some sort of remedy, it is almost impossible to stop scratching.    

Different repellants work for different people and there is no perfect solution.  However, we HIGHLY recommend bringing bug spray and an itch remedy in your luggage.  Some options are:

  • Bug spray with a high percentage of deet (careful ladies, this will take your nail polish off), skin so soft, baby oil, or look for Sandfly Away (it works!) in local stores on the island.
  • Benadryl is a must. The stick works well but you can also buy the oral meds or cream.

Don’t let these little critters ruin your vacation!  A $10.00 purchase can save you a major headache.  Enjoy your time and come home bug bite free!

Check out our map and guides here for other tips and tricks to an incredible vacation to The Exumas.  They provide over 100 marked locations to make your vacation an easy one and include restaurants, lodging, points of interest, and so much more. 


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