Know Before You Go - Top Three Exuma Cocktails

Whether you mix these up yourself or order one at a bar, you MUST try these three refreshing  Bahamian cocktails before you leave the islands:

  1. Goombay Smash: This drink should come with a warning label and gives literal meaning to the word smash. Trust us when we say it goes down quicker than a FEMA tent at Fyre Festival.  Depending on the bar, it’s typically made with pineapple juice, dark rum, and coconut rum.   Order a “floater” (another shot poured on top) and you’ll really be feeling like a million bucks…until you don’t. Chat N Chill serves a GREAT version of this.
  2. Sky JuiceAlso called Gully Wash, this creamy drink is recommended for those that aren’t fans of the typical colorful, fruity drinks of the islands.  Sky Juice can be made with rum but the locals use gin as the alcohol of choice.  Add some condensed milk and coconut water and voila!  You’re drinking like a “tru tru Bahamian”.
  3. Bahama Mama: This appropriately named cocktail is a classic and mixed in bars around the world. Take a Goombay Smash and add some grenadine syrup and orange juice and you essentially have a Bahama Mama.  This cocktail is more on the sugary end of the spectrum but sure adds another island touch to your beach day. 

Local Tip:  Pack a koozie and a Yeti or other type of insulated cup so your drink stays cold.  Have the bartender use your cup or pour theirs right into yours.  Chugging before the ice melts is certainly another option, but let us know how that works out.



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