Know Before You Go - Top 3 Things To Do In Exuma

If you're planning a trip to Exuma and are struggling with how to prioritize your trip, we'll make it simple for you and list our Top 3 Things to do in Exuma below. 
  1. Take a boat tour to swim with the pigs, feed the iguanas, and cruise along the most amazing waters you will ever lay eyes on. There are several small tour companies and captains that can take you on this adventure. Your friends and family back home will be sick of hearing all about it. That’s how amazing it is!
    • Exuma Water Sports: Ph. 242-357-0770
    • Island Boy Adventures: Ph. 242-422-2697
    • Sugar Adventures: Ph. 242-345-2331
    • Off Island Boat Tours: Ph. 242-524-0524
    • Comfort Venture Tours: Ph. 242-357-0611
    • For kayaking, sailing, or other private adventures: Out Island Explorers: Ph. 242-524-8246
            1. Rent your own boat from Minns Watersports and frolic on your own personal sandbar or deserted island. Elizabeth Harbour has an unlimited number of sights and activities to offer that you likely won’t even see them all in just 2-3 days. Here are a few:
              • Snorkel around the beautiful reefs teeming with marine life. There are several marked reefs around the harbor. They are all shown on our Exuma map here.
              • Have lunch on the Man O War Cay sandbar. Just make sure you get there at low tide and be mindful of tidal changes and where you are anchoring your boat.  It’s easy to get stuck here if you aren’t paying attention.
              • Explore Stocking Island. See #3 below for details.
              • Find a random beach and play all day. There are plenty to choose from and you’ll have it all to yourself.

            3. Spend the day on Stocking Island

              • How to get there: Take a water taxi from the government dock in George Town or take your own boat rental from Minns Watersports.
              • What to do: Pet the stingrays on Chat N Chill’s beach, hike over to the ocean side of the island by walking around the cove and crossing the narrow channel to the other side, hike to the salt monument on the top of the hill (walk on the beach side until you get there and then up, up, up), play volleyball, swing in a hammock, wade in the water over to the Peace N Plenty beach club and have a drink or bite to eat, get made-to-order conch salad from Renaldo, take leftovers from lunch to the underwater cave and feed the fish (accessible by boat and marked by a yellow buoy), enjoy a goombay smash, pina colada, or Bahama mama on the beach. Or all three!
              • Where to eat: Chat N Chill for great fish, oddly incredible coleslaw, ribs, and conch burgers.Peace N Plenty beach club for anything on the grill. St. Francis Resort for sandwiches, salads, wraps, and baskets.  Kahari Resort for a more upscale experience (call first to confirm they are open).

            Check out our guides here for the rest of our Top 10 Things to Do in Exuma.  They provide over 100 marked locations to make your vacation an easy one and include restaurants, lodging, points of interest, and so much more. 



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