Exuma FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions about Great Exuma and Little Exuma and we hope this will make planning your trip to The Bahamas a breeze.  Pun intended. Have a question not answered below?  Ask us here.


Why don't you offer a printed version of this guide?

Thanks for asking! Our goal is to keep these maps as current as possible so keeping them in digital form is the most efficient way to offer this.  Also, printing is extremely expensive so this map would cost nearly double the price if printed so it's just not cost effective.  If we can crack the code on accomplishing both with a printed map, we'll let you know! Also, please remember that copyright laws strictly prohibit copying, printing, posting and forwarding this file to any other party.  


Is Exuma safe?

Yes!  Crime in Exuma is nearly non-existent but we still recommend you take any normal precautions you would at home.  Lock your doors and don't be complacent. Very simple.


How do I get to Exuma?

Great Exuma has an international airport (GGT) so getting there is quite easy.  From the United States, you can fly direct from Miami via American and Atlanta via Delta.  So if you can get to one of those hubs from your local airport, then you are good to go.  Depending on the season, sometimes you can get a direct flight from Charlotte as well.  From Nassau, Bahamas Air flies regularly to Georgetown.  Additionally, Air Canada flies direct from Toronto and has VERY competitive rates.


What should I pack for my trip to Exuma?

Very good question and we've perfected this list.  Other than the obvious, we also recommend the following:

Sunscreen, bug spray, insulated cup or koozie, GoPro or underwater camera, sarong, plenty of cash, extra hats and sunglasses, snacks, small backpack, rash guard/spf shirts, Benadryl stick for bug bites, inflatable noodle or raft.


Where should I stay in Exuma?

Another very good question.  If you are looking for a vacation rental, we recommend calling The Good Life Bahamas Rentals or Fun in the Sun Vacation Rentals or visiting them online.  Otherwise, there are a number of hotels and motels you can choose from and they are all listed on the maps here.  


What are the best restaurants in Exuma?

Some of our favorites are: Shirley's at the Fish Fry, Krusty Krab at the Fish Fry, Rusty Anchor, Santanna's Bar and Grill, the Jerk Shack in Georgetown, Frankie's, and so many more!  We've listed most restaurants on the maps with a short description and phone number for each.


What activities do you recommend?

Anything in or under the water!  Exuma is best known for having some of the clearest waters in the world.  Hands down, the best activity is renting a boat from Minns Watersports to cruise around Elizabeth Harbour.  If watersports aren't your thing, you may want to rethink your trip as land based options are limited.  We've listed the Top 10 Things to Do in Exuma in our map and that should help with your planning.


What is the local currency?

The Bahamas has its own national currency but also accepts US dollars.  The exchange rate is 1:1.  Many business do not take credit cards so bring plenty of cash with you.  ATMs are available but limited.  


What does everything cost in Exuma?

Compared to the US, Exuma is quite expensive.  Expect to pay about double what you are used to paying for food and drinks due to the high shipping/customs costs to the islands.  Hotels and vacation rentals are reasonably priced and if you have a larger group, renting a house is definitely the most cost effective solution.  Processed food and snacks are generally much more expensive than in the states but again, it has to travel a long way to get there.  


Should I rent a car?

Without hesitation, YES.  There are too many nooks and crannies to see to not have the freedom of transportation.  Taxis are relatively expensive but certainly a possibility. Even if you are staying at Sandals Emerald Bay, PLEASE escape the property for a day and drive around.  You'll be glad you did.  The maps provide most of the car rental options on the island.  


If I forgot to pack it, can't I just buy it?

Not always.  Great Exuma is a small island with limited resources and selection.  If you are particular about a food or drink, bring it with you.  Some people even bring their own meat to save a little money, however, we always encourage you to shop local.  There are just a few stores supplied with the basics but don't expect to find the same brands you are used to.  


How do I get to the Swimming Pigs?

The swimming pigs live on a deserted island so you'll have to book a group or private charter to see them.  Our maps also list the names and numbers of charter companies that can get you there. Exuma Watersports is the most popular charter company on the island but there are many to choose from.  


What is the best time to visit Exuma?

The high season for Exuma is end of November through April.  The temps are cooler (but so is the water) and all the local establishments are open for business.  During "shoulder season" or slow season, some restaurants will close for renovations or just simply to take a break.  The benefit of visiting in slow season is that lodging rates are lower and you'll have every beach to yourself! Winning!